November 18th, 2006

Start Of The Weekend

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Shaping up to be a reasonable weekend. Started last night with beer, curry, and a Pagan Wanderer Lu gig, which was pretty good: PWL had a few technical problems which he mostly managed to improv his way through. It was good to hear a few favourites like Our New Hospital Sucks and Repetition 2 played better than I’ve heard them before, The Gentleman’s Game played live, and whatever that song I didn’t recognise and couldn’t find on his website was (presumably it’s on the new EP).

Then some of the assembled folks retired to The Cottage for buttsex sorry; I meant American Dad and Drawn Together. By Paul’s request I asked that people who’ll be going to Troma Night tonight leave before Drawn Together, but I’m not sure they did. Troma Night is at Bryn’s Place (Paul’s) tonight, by the way, because…

Claire and I are off to Preston for the day. We’re going to visit my folks and go to The Comedy Store Manchester this evening for giggle. We’ll be back in Aber on Sunday evening.