October 30th, 2006

The Return Of The Monsoon

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Went to Gorilla Monsoon last night with Claire, as I’d indicated I would. It was all quite remarkabley good, with a couple of impressive comedians including a bloke from Cardiff who didn’t tell jokes so much as rant loudly and quickly, yet was still very worthy of laughs and applause. It’s good to see Gorilla Monsoon back, but the crowd could still quite comfortabley be larger if they pulled their collective fingers out and did some publicity, like getting their website populated with information…

Oh, and it’s Open Mic night - Bash The Banana or Ground Zero or whatever they’re calling it these days - on Sunday 12th November, so if you were disappointed with the fact that I wasn’t telling any jokes myself last night, come along on Sunday 12th and I’ll make up for it.