July 11th, 2006

Out Of Town Again

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My gran’s condition is only getting worse, so Claire and I are going to skip town for a few days and go up there to join my mum and visit her in hospital. Claire is an absolute star and offering to drive me around the country. It means quite a bit to me to be able to visit my gran now.
If you were planning on visiting us during graduation week, we apologise for our absence. If you were planning on staying with us, be advised that Jimmy has the keys to The Cottage and will let you in, and there’ll be a note therein with information on sleeping arrangements and stuff.

We’ll probably be back in town on Thursday, give or take a day: there’s urgent work at SmartData I’ll be doing at the weekend if it doesn’t get done this week - such is the nature of the software engineering trade.

Right, off we go…