Dan Q (scatmania) wrote,
Dan Q

Out Of Town

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Claire and I’ll be out of town for a couple of days, visiting my folks and going to my cousin’s wedding. This means that this week:

  • There won’t be a Naruto Night.
  • There won’t be a Geek Night.
  • Troma Night will be held at Matt P’s new house. Hopefully he’ll be cool and useful and post a message on his blog teling you all how to get there, and I’m sure Paul will be his usual supportive self as far as helping set up tech to play the more unusual film formats is concerned.
  • And if we’re really lucky, Adam will record Dr. Who for us, which we’ll trade him a copy of for giving his cake slice back (we’ve been looking after it ever since Bryn’s birthday).

I’ve got my mobile if anybody needs me, and I’ll try to check my e-mail a couple of times while we’re mobile. Have a great weekend, everybody.


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