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Thu, Jul. 25th, 2019, 06:03 am
LABS Comic RSS Archive

Yesterday I recommended that you go read Aaron Uglum's webcomic LABS which had just completed its final strip. I'm a big fan of "completed" webcomics - they feel binge-able in the same way as a complete Netflix series does! - but Spencer quickly pointed out that it's annoying for we enlightened


Fri, Jul. 19th, 2019, 04:10 pm
Shifting into Automattic

In October of this year - after eight years, six months, and five days with the Bodleian Libraries - I'll be leaving for pastures new. Owing to a combination of my current work schedule, holidays, childcare commitments and conferences, I've got fewer than 29 days left in the office.



Mon, Jul. 15th, 2019, 10:13 am
DanQ.me Ecosystem

With IndieWebCamp Oxford 2019 scheduled to take place during the Summer of Hacks, I drew a diagram (click to embiggen) of the current ecosystem that powers and propogates the content on DanQ.me. It's mostly for my own benefit - to be able to get a big-picture view of the ways my website talks


Fri, Jun. 28th, 2019, 12:01 am
Anniversary Break

We might never have been very good at keeping track of the exact date our relationship began in Edinburgh twelve years ago, but that doesn't stop Ruth and I from celebrating it, often with a trip away very-approximately in the summer. This year, we marked the occasion with a return to Scotland,


Mon, Jun. 17th, 2019, 09:43 pm


You know how sometimes you get an idea, and you already wrote and extended the code that makes it possible so surely you only need to do a little audio editing and CSS animation tweaking and graphic design and HOLY SHIT HOW DID IT GET SO LATE?
Totally worth it.
Also available


Sat, May. 25th, 2019, 07:47 pm
I Don't Watch YouTube (Like You Watch YouTube)

I was watching a recent YouTube video by Derek Muller (Veritasium), My Video Went Viral. Here's Why, and I came to a realisation: I don't watch YouTube like most people - probably including you! - watch YouTube. And as a result, my perspective on what YouTube is and does is fundamentally biased


Tue, May. 14th, 2019, 07:48 pm
BBC News... without the sport

I love RSS, but it's a minor niggle for me that if I subscribe to any of the BBC News RSS feeds I invariably get all the sports news, too. Which'd be fine if I gave even the slightest care about the world of sports, but I don't.

It only takes a couple of seconds to skim past the sports


Fri, May. 3rd, 2019, 03:31 pm
Blogging with semantic insertions and deletions

When I write a blog post, it generally becomes a static thing: its content always usually stays the same for the rest of its life (which is, in my case, pretty much forever). But sometimes, I go back and make an amendment. When I make minor changes that don't affect the overall meaning of the


Sat, Apr. 27th, 2019, 10:48 am
What can board game strategy tell us about the future of the car wash?

I'm increasingly convinced that Friedemann Friese's 2009 board game Power Grid: Factory Manager (BoardGameGeek) presents gamers with a highly-digestible model of the energy economy in a capitalist society. In Factory Manager, players aim to financially-optimise a factory over time, growing


Fri, Apr. 19th, 2019, 07:16 pm
Edge Blink and Progressive Web Apps

As I've previously mentioned (sadly), Microsoft Edge is to drop its own rendering engine EdgeHTML and replace it with Blink, Google's one (more of my and others related sadness here, here, here, and here). Earlier this month, Microsoft made available the first prerelease versions of the browser,


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