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Thu, Oct. 17th, 2019, 10:28 am
Without The Bod

Eight years, six months, and one week after I started at the Bodleian, we've gone our separate ways. It's genuinely been the nicest place I've ever worked; the Communications team are a tightly-knit, supportive, caring bunch of diverse misfits and I love them all dearly, but the time had come for


Wed, Oct. 9th, 2019, 03:23 pm
Time-Efficient Shuffling

Some years ago, a friend of mine told me about an interview they'd had for a junior programming position. Their interviewer was one of that particular breed who was attached to programming-test questions: if you're in the field of computer science, you already know that these questions exist. In


Tue, Oct. 1st, 2019, 02:22 pm
Subscribe to DanQ.me by email?

Are you still reading my blog and getting updates via LiveJournal? Keeping it oldschool, man! If you'd like to drag yourself from circa 2001 up to circa 2006, you can subscribe by email instead. No pressure, just if it's right for you: https://danq.me/2019/10/01/email/

Mon, Sep. 30th, 2019, 11:27 am
Retro-PESOSing my Reviews

When I arrived at this weekend's IndieWebCamp I still wasn't sure what it was that I would be working on. I'd worked recently to better understand the ecosystem surrounding DanQ.me and had a number of half-formed ideas about tightening it up. But instead, I ended up expanding the reach of my


Thu, Sep. 26th, 2019, 09:49 am
Cheating Hangman

A long while ago, inspired by Nick Berry's analysis of optimal Hangman strategy, I worked it backwards to find the hardest words to guess when playing Hangman. This week, I showed these to my colleague Grace - who turns out to be a fan of word puzzles - and our conversation inspired me to go a


Sat, Sep. 21st, 2019, 03:50 pm
Water Science

This afternoon, the kids and I helped with some citizen science as part of the Thames WaterBlitz, a collaborative effort to sample water quality of the rivers, canals, and ponds of the Thames Valley to produce valuable data for the researchers of today and tomorrow.

My two little science


Fri, Sep. 20th, 2019, 03:30 pm
Using the Web for Exhibition Interactives

As part of the preparing to leave the Bodleian I've been revisiting a lot of the documentation I've written over the last eight years. It occurred to me that I've never written publicly about how the Bodleian's digital signage/interactives actually work; there are possible lessons to learn.



Tue, Sep. 3rd, 2019, 02:40 pm
Counting Down

I wasn't sure that my whiteboard at the Bodleian, which reminds my co-workers exactly how many days I've got left in the office, was attracting as much attention as it needed to. If I don't know what my colleagues don't know about how I do my job, I can't write it into my handover notes.

So I


Fri, Aug. 30th, 2019, 12:00 am
Automattic Recruitment (days -179 to -51)

128 days ago I applied to work at Automattic Inc. Here's the deeper story about how that went:


Thu, Jul. 25th, 2019, 06:03 am
LABS Comic RSS Archive

Yesterday I recommended that you go read Aaron Uglum's webcomic LABS which had just completed its final strip. I'm a big fan of "completed" webcomics - they feel binge-able in the same way as a complete Netflix series does! - but Spencer quickly pointed out that it's annoying for we enlightened


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