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Wed, Feb. 20th, 2019, 11:27 am
WorldWideWeb, 30 years on

This month, a collection of some of my favourite geeks got invited to CERN in Geneva to participate in a week-long hackathon with the aim of reimplementing WorldWideWeb - the first web browser, circa 1990-1994 - as a web application. I'm super jealous, but I'm also really pleased with what they


Fri, Feb. 15th, 2019, 04:03 pm
TRRTL - Logo on Coffee

tl;dr: TRRTL.COM is my reimplementation of a Logo on-screen turtle as a CoffeeScript-backed web application

For many children growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, their first exposure to computer programming may have come in the form of Logo, a general-purpose educational programming language


Thu, Feb. 7th, 2019, 07:30 pm

Read the full post and see the video at: https://danq.me/2019/02/07/strawfiechallenge/


#strawfiechallenge - 1 minute of simulated breathing difficulty in recognition of sufferers of cystis fibrosis

Today I'm attaching a clothes peg to my nose and breathing through a straw for 60 seconds. As I won't be able to talk while I'm doing this, I'll type an explanation why:

Like most people, I've spent most of my life lucky enough to not really know anything about cystic fibrosis. I first really became aware of it when my friend Jen's son Lorcán was diagnosed with it (you may remember I shared a video of hers previously).

It's a lifelong disorder with no known cure.

It's a genetic disorder, and as many as one in every 25 people carries the gene that can cause it. Inherit two genes and you're a sufferer. Among other symptoms, it causes frequent lung infections and difficulty breathing.

I'm taking part in the #strawfiechallenge as an exercise in appreciating how difficult it can be to cope with reduced lung function. A new drug, Orkambi, is helping to extend the lives of sufferers in other countries around the world. But it's not yet available in the UK. :-(

CF sufferers want #OrkambiNow. They need your politicians to act.

Find out how you can help: www.cfsupportgroup.org


My video is also available at:

QTube (also available for direct or torrent download)

Wed, Feb. 6th, 2019, 07:21 pm
Hello, Friendly Insurance Salesman!

Hello, friendly insurance salesman I spoke to earlier today! I've been expecting you. Also: sorry.

I've been expecting you because you seemed so keen to finish your shift and search for me and, with my name, I'm pretty easy to find. I knew that you planned to search for me because after I


Sun, Jan. 27th, 2019, 12:36 pm
Why do book spines have the titles printed the way they do?

Have you noticed how the titles printed on the spines of your books are all, for the most part, oriented the same way? That's not a coincidence.

ISO 6357 defines the standard positioning of titles on the spines of printed books (it's also codified as British Standard BS6738). If you assume


Wed, Jan. 16th, 2019, 04:56 pm
CSS-driven console graphics

If you're reading this post via my blog and using a desktop computer, try opening your browser's debug console (don't worry; I'll wait). If you don't know how, here's instructions for Firefox and instructions for Chrome. Other browsers may vary. You ought to see something like this in your


Thu, Jan. 3rd, 2019, 03:03 pm
Ending on a High

I celebrated the New Year by climbing Ben Nevis with Robin. He's written about it at https://52reflect.com/2019/01/02/no-52-ben-nevis/, or you can get my take at https://danq.me/2019/01/03/ending-on-a-high/.

Tue, Dec. 18th, 2018, 11:54 am
Festive Cranberry & Cinnamon Bagels

I made "festive" cranberry and cinnamon bagels and they were so delicious I had to share the recipe: https://danq.me/2018/12/18/cranberry-bagels/

Fri, Dec. 14th, 2018, 01:36 pm
Alpha-Gal and the Gaia Hypothesis

It seems that there's been an increase in alpha-gal allergies, which causes a sensitivity to meat and meat products. The increase is blamed on ticks whose range is expanding owing to climate change. Gaia hypothesis in action? (Nah. But interesting anyway.)

My thoughts: https://danq.me/2018/12/14/alpha-gal-and-the-gaia-hypothesis/

Mon, Dec. 10th, 2018, 12:19 pm
Second Factor Safety Net

I'm a huge fan of multifactor authentication. If you're using it, you're probably familiar with using an app on your phone (or receiving a text or email) in addition to a username and password when logging in to a service like your email, social network, or a bank. If you're not using it then,


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